A True White Labeled, Rebrandable Email Marketing Solution For Your Business To Sell as If It Is Your Own

When it’s time to expand your business, all you need is a great idea. Let us suggest MailerBee! It’s a robust, proven, white labeled digital Email Marketing service that will enable your customers to increase their sales at the same time as lowering their sales costs and YOU will become their hero, because you will provide our service as if it is your own, with your own brand, like a TurnKey business. Not only that, you will get an approx margin of 37% at a really low fix quarterly cost. We are there to help you whenever you need us!

How About Doing Less and Earning More?

MailerBee is a white labeled, email marketing and (soon) marketing automation solution, that provides of most of what you need to offer this state-of-the-art digital marketing service to you existing and prospective customers? With your rebranded flavour of the service we provide for your customers in your name, you can reach out to new and existing customers.

High Margin 37%

With the MailerBee service you get a staggering approx 37% margin. This is hard to beat, agency licenses usually only give you a discount which is much lower than the margin here. Increase your margin even more by selling courses, integration services, managed services etc

Low Cost

At the same time as the MailerBee service brings you an amazingly high margin, the fix cost for this is only 197 USD/quarter. This sum gives you the non-exclusive, non-transferrable right to become a reseller and access our support services.

100% White Labeled

At the same time as you can become a rockstar in selling the service and pull in maybe the best margin ever on a service you don’t own, yet having a really low quarterly cost, you also build your own brand.

TurnKey Business

With our tutorial videos for both partners and for customers, you can get into business really fast. It takes from four hours and up (depending on how fast you are) to get going.

Just a Perfect Place to Get Started!

Why MailerBee?

This is a digital marketing service on the bleeding edge. Novices as well as experts can start selling the TurnKey business service simply because we handle all the technology, we develop it, we provide the material needed to sell the service and to support our partners with the support they need. This is a unique service.

Email Marketing

MailerBee is a web based service that provides ultra fast startup for new resellers to build a profitable business on. Email Marketing is already a proven traffic source, with the best efficiency there are among the different traffic sources, since the cost per lead/sales is low and the target group consists of qualified leads.

SMS Marketing

We are really proud to present our unique solution for SMS Marketing. This is new and fresh and unlike every other solution out there. We do offer what competitors are offering with plain SMS, we call these Notification SMS, but the best part is that we now have combined the strengths with email marketing and SMS so with our solution you get the best of two worlds which results in very high KPIs and insane ROIs. Don’t be surprised if you see that you get ROIs of up to thousands of percents.

Marketing Automation

With every new feature package that is released for MailerBee, the level of automation will increase. Closest in time is a feature package for the e-commerce industry where we will support eight of the leading web shop platforms and enable e-tailers to increase sales, improve conversions and cut the sales costs drastically.
MailerBee will evolve into becoming a fullblown Marketing Automation solution.

Start Your Business Ultra Fast

If you have a business entity registered already, then you can start to generate revenue using MailerBee really fast. You don’t even need to know all of the advanced technology that is under the hood. Just follow the tutorial videos and you will be up and running with your new business/business area really fast.

What are you waiting for?

24/7 Support System

As a partner and thereby reseller of the white labeled MailerBee you are expected to handle everything that is closest to your customer: 1st line support, sales, delivering your rebranded version of our course material, or our integration guides. We will be there to back you up with support. First of all we supply the 2nd and 3rd line support to our partners, but if a reseller doesn’t know an answer in their 1st line support, we are there to assist the reseller.

Instruction Material

This is one of the many really nice support activities that we use to help our partners. Once you are a partner, we assist you with tutorial videos, for our partners, but also for their customers. The customer tutorial videos are even integrated into the pre-developed, pre-populated website that partners can download as part of their partner subscription with us. Not only that, how about our course material that partners can re-brand and sell as if it is their own!?

Just a Perfect Place to Get Started!

You’re in Good Company

Join our happy community of resellers who already are changing the digital marketing arena with MailerBee under their own brands. We asked them to give is a detailed statement on why they thought MailerBee was good for them. From another reseller we also got a testimonial from one of their customers, an e-commerce manager.

“We wanted to enter the digital era as a means to increase customer retention and get us new customers. Initially we didn’t know how to do that. Then we came across MailerBee which fulfilled all of our needs and more, so we got started and rebranded it if it was our platform. I can tell you this. The platform opens doors, then we add additional value added services on top of the subscriptions. Just on the courses that we provide, we get all revenue to our own company. It’s just the subscriptions where we share the revenue and no wonder, it costs to develop, support and provide a service like this. Oh, did I tell you that we increased the price for the subscriptions by 50%? We did! It’s our brand, we are free to do what we want within the boundaries.”

Susan Parson

Head of Sales, Printed Ads Inc

“We have been a leading edge company in the IT area for a long time, but we were honestly a bit stuck with the base of our traditional business and we didn’t have enough time to build the tools for tomorrow to provide to our customers. When we discovered MailerBee, we realized that we didn’t have to. We can’t motivate the development costs and get an as high margin as we do with MailerBee.
The company behind MailerBee is obviously a full-blown professional in the digital arena. Not only did we get a platform that opened up for new consulting services and customers, we also got some advise on what to do. They are open for discussions, reasoning. This is what we call a true partnership.”

Eduardo Sanchez

Practice Manager, Professional Services, El Amor IT

“Becoming a partner was probably the best thing we have done. Low cost, high margin and at the same we build our own brand and the MailerBee team helps us with support whenever we need it. When one of my team members told me about this I couldn’t believe it at first, but it is indeed so. It took us two days of watching all the videos, configuring the website, rebranding the service and during this time the DNS change was propagated anyway. As soon as we signed up I started to schedule meetings with our customers to demo the system. When the DNS was propagated, we started to drive traffic to the site to get customers that way too.”

Abdul Mahmood

Marketing Manager, Successful Marketing

“With the [brand-is-censored-due-to-the-white-labeling] service, everything was so simple. We just signed up, set up the sending domain and then we were up and running. It couldn’t be simpler. The A/B testing feature is one of a kind, far better than our previous tool. The way campaigns are handled, edited and sent are very easy to grasp. There are a lot of tutorial videos, but I just went through them quite fast. The user interface is intuitive.
Another good thing is that we can both upgrade and downgrade our subscription. We haven’t downgraded yet, but we can

Daniel J.

E-Commerce Manager, Customer of one of our partners

Some of the Benefits you get as a partner

MailerBee provides you all the tools you need to market your product.

High Profitability

Get up to 37% margin. Accept our recommended prices or increase them if you think you can generate more revenue on your market.

Low Cost

Start and grow a business with minimum cost at 197 USD per three months. This is a one of a kind service offering and we expect that many wants to join. We might even have to close the doors.

Easy Selling, Easy Handling

Access to our server panel so that you can manage the backend services via your own branded custom domain.

Community Support

Help others and get help from others. In our forums you have the possibility to interface with other partners from all over the world.

Build Your Own Brand

Re-brand our white labeled services to your own brand. You can set your own URL, your logo, your favicon and even parts of the look & feel. If you choose to have automatic invoicing, you can rebrand that too. MailerBee is a TurnKey business.

Focus on Your Customer

With all the things we will do for you, you will be able to focus on your customer and give them the best customer experience ever. Focus on your customers. You save loads of time and efforts.


At MailerBee, we are busy with developing new stunning features and make them available as feature packages for you to be able to sell to your customers as if they are your own, under your own brand. We are passionate about digital marketing and doing business development online, so if you as a partner feel like just discussing digital marketing, lead generation, optimizing sales costs, increasing sales online, we can do that too – just for the fun of it!