About The Company

What is MailerBee?

Company Core Values


We are proud to be representatives of MailerBee and the company behind MailerBee. We feel dedication, commitment and a strong team-spirit. We are innovation centric because we love what we do, you will love the results. We want to be the good guys and do good. We want to leave a trail of goodness and passion after us.


We are truth tellers, we are transparent and sincere, we are honest and we are accountable for what we do. We hihly value our integrity. We communicate clearly, equality is a must and applies to all. When you trust us, you will respect us. We want you to know that when we say something, it is the truth even if it’s a tough one.


We work efficiently and with effectiveness. We solve our tasks or the problems our partners might have faced. We are there all the way through to the solution.

Our diligence, represented by the beehive is the common value, shall be reflected in everything that we do, both externally towards customers, authorities, universities and prospective workforce, and internally in the relations between employees resp employees and the company.

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