Our Story & Our Brand

When we started our digital consulting company, we were partially acting like a media and an ad agency, partially consulting services. We wanted to provide our customers with a really good toolbox of great web based services that we could let them use or that we handled for them. After investigating whether this was a good idea among our customers or not, we found that that they indeed thought so. They wanted to not have to handle it, it was something that “should just work”.

We come from working with some of the biggest companies in our part of the world, within e-commerce, digital marketing and digital business development. The tools that we have come across at these customers have either been technically good but bad in the digital field since the creators didn’t understand the digital arena, or vice versa, that they indeed understood it, but that the technical quality was bad.

Building a Service Portfolio

Since we didn’t want to build another company’s brand when presenting “our” portfolio and thereby find either them or someone else to start competing with us with the value that we had spent a lot of resources to build, we wanted white labelled services, services that we could brand as our own so that we could build strong relationships with our customers. Sometimes we wanted the web based services to carry our margin and that the consulting services would be less, other times we wanted to sell the web based services with less margin and the consulting services with more margin. This required a high margin web based service.
There are so many things that must be done in a business which takes a lot of time and are so important to do, e.g. sales presentations, course material, a website for selling the web based service, invoicing the customers, for companies within the EU also EU VAT reports that must be sent to the local tax authority to handle the reverse charge of EU VAT. There are simply a lot of things that needs to be done to run a business.

We started to understand that if there was a provider of white labeled services that provided us with a lot of the time consuming work that is needed to supply such services, then that would be an awesome service that we would signup for as soon as we found it.

Unfortunately we didn’t find any such service and the “white labeled” services that we found was not at all 100% white labeled, traces of the original brand was all over, it was possibly to find the original supplier and the margin to us would be ridiculously low, the best we found was a 15% discount for an agency license which was pricey, but then we would also have to pay to get a demo account to use when we met potential customers.

We decided to provide these kinds of services.

We Decided to Fill the Gap

MailerBee is the first of a set of services for the digital arena that we will release. It’s built so that companies that wants to get into the digital business arena in an efficient and fast way without having the most detailed technical expertise, can do that. A company which is already active on the digital arena or IT is also very likely to find an interest in our services. We deliver what you sell, as if it is your own. We are committed to our chosen business model of indirect sales. It comes with very low base prices that our partners can choose to increase to fit their own market, it costs little to access, it comes with a lot of the things that we wanted but never found among any suppliers out there. While you sell and support your customers under your own brand, we will deliver your service under your brand and support you in your part of the work.

The MailerBee brand and service is like we are as a company, this is the reason why we created MailerBee, and the name indicates the built-in diligence that we provide to companies that are similar to what we used to be, companies that wants to build and maintain strong relationships to new and existing customers by providing a state-of-the-art digital marketing service where most things are taken care of.

We Are Proud to Present MailerBee

MailerBee is like one of the services that we looked for ourselves and never found. It’s technically superior and it’s created by people with experience from both the digital arena and IT for the people active on the digital arena. With the massive business support and all the other services that we supply both the partner and the partners’ customers (via the partners), we know that we have created something to be proud of. Now your business can take advantage of our many years of developing this service.
You are now able to become our partner to build your own brand while selling our web based service as if it is your own. It’s a state-of-the-art service for your customers, the cost is low, the margin is high and you build your own brand. It’s available almost instantly (you just need to configure your brand related things). It’s one of a kind.

Want To Resell the Service As If It Is Your Own?

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