What Is Digital Marketing?

The World is on continuous change! The digital marketing encompasses the campaign going globally in order to find out the most targeted and refined customers. The businesses leverage sales and growth through digital marketing as the customers are always in search of items/services you are offering! So marketing over the digital world and by applying the right techniques to connect with the right customer anywhere across the world covers the phenomenon of digital marketing!

What is Digital Marketing & Why Your Should Read About?

To stay competitive in this digital world, you must cope businesses with the modern digital marketing ways and must understand the ground to advance knowledge regarding digital marketing trends, matrices and its applied models.

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How Do You Define Digital Marketing?

No business can evolve now days without connecting their marketing operations with the modern digital marketing trends! Regardless of what your company offers, an effective digital marketing campaign will definitely amplify the business performance, both in monetary & non-monetary terms!

Every day, customers are hunting information through internet regarding the products/services that will satisfy their needs. They are more keen and passionate to find a comprehensive info through internet sources while desiring to be served at doorstep within a jiffy! The one need raises another, becoming a top reason why businesses must evolve through globally! A right and refined campaign will certainly allow you to meet new clients and shake hands with new modes of success.

So defining a digital marketing is something operating in space, reaching the clients through internet and serving them with excellence!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As the people are hunting information through internet 24/7 using search engines, you need to try to get some of those people into your site to show what you have to offer, to catch their attention. You need to perform Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Optimizing the websites on targeted keywords, allowing them to float at the top positions and improving their search engine visibility define the overall concept of SEO! SEO requires a lot of work, both onsite and offsite. Offsite means that you need to get links ponting at your website. Many of those who says that SEO is dead, it’s not, it’s just that it’s become harder since some metrics are no longer published by e.g. Google.

The name Search Engine Optimization itself elaborates the idea and thus opening new challenges across the digital world while introducing a new race where the companies strive to stay at the top of search engines to improve the real time visibility on targeted keywords! Basically the process of search engine optimization involve off page and on page concept that collectively rank your web site at the top position so you discover new traffic and right audience anywhere across the world through the power of internet!

The traffic you get from SEO is considered one of the cheapest compared to the other types of traffic driving activities you can do. However, it’s a bit like spraying. You really don’t know i you reach your target group.

Content Marketing

In real terms, the content is the king! In reality it’s not really much under the sun except the media formats. Content has always been king, it’s the texual content that is indexed by the search enginges. People are always hunting information through online sources and thus the effective content will provide them adequate knowledge about the information looking for! The effective content marketing strategy involves writing the engaging content and posting it across multiple platforms accessible worldwide!

While applying the content marketing strategy or concept, just make sure to write down unambiguous, quality insured, search engine friendly, engaging and effective contents that not only guide the customers about the importance of your product/services, synchronizing its use with the current lifestyle but will gently force customers to make a purchase. All that happens when effective contents are pinned with the right content marketing strategy! So it’s really a better approach to optimize the business by delivering a guideline to customers regarding your services. Accelerate in the right dimension to discover the real power of content marketing.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

If you are really good at creating videos or creative content that can get a fast viral spread, then organic social media marketing is da sh*t. As an alternative you have paid-for social media marketing, SMM. It’s however not as easy as it appears. Social media channels like Facebook are constantly changing its rules on what kind of advertising is accepted and what’s not – and they should! People in general doesn’t like to get their personal timelines scattered with commercial messages simply because they haven’t asked for it. When you do your SMM you need to think twice and maybe even thrice before you start your campaign. There are several social media web sites widely being used to connect with one another!

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

SEM are usually performed as campaigns where the marketer pays a search engine per click, how much they pay goes under the term cost per click (CPC)! It is basically an internet advertising model widely used to transfer and direct traffic to landing pages! As these campaigns are directly concerned to cost, precision and accuracy is required to run the campaign as a single wrong click cost still you some money! While developing an effective and result-driven strategy, one needs corrective model and perfect planning to execute the campaign the right way.

Affiliate Marketing (AM)

The affiliate marketing is a performance based marketing model where the company’s owners setup an affiliated campaign with the external third parties, while promising to share some percentage with the affiliated third party marketing entities on every sales. This model has been practiced by countless firms, but what is important to remember to not pay to much in commission to teh affiliate network is to keep the cookie life time down to reasonable levels at the same time as applying third party measurement.

It’s basically based on revenue sharing while the owners never need to pay out a single dollar until any sale! However, affiliate marketing comes with a lot of challenges that needs to be dealt with.

Email Marketing (EMM)

E-mail is always a powerful source to market your products and services across the world. Through the right E-mail marketing strategy, a campaign goes successful when the right emails are delivered to the right audience at the right time! From the design template to all ingredients, every single factor holds its importance and drives the email marketing campaign towards success! It is low cost and high converting marketing technique that target massive audience at once.

Every service online starts with an email address which makes it the best way to reach just about everyone who are active online. If performed right, as permission based marketing, where the subscriber voluntarily hands their email address to the organisation in question, this is by far the best traffic source there is due to its low cost and that your audience are qualified leads. In MailerBee we apply a forced double opt-in to ensure that the list of leads hold high standards. Other ways to ensure this is that MailerBee includes an email validation service at imports of lists so that the bounce rate can be kept at the bare minimum.

Of all the traffic channels there are Email Marketing is the most cost efficient due to the cost per impression, the cost per click and the cost per order. Simply put the cost for the system, especially the MailerBee service, is very cheap compared to all other channels. SEO is usually cheaper and IS needed to do SEO, it’s also an investment in long term rankings in the search engines, but since the traffic that comes from SEO is more spread and not as targeted as it is with email marketing (since the marketing performed with email marketing is towards a list of qualified leads), email marketing is without any doub the most cost efficient of all traffic sources.

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