Customer Features

The Email Marketing Service

MailerBee is a white labeled hosted digital marketing solution for digital arena to be used as a tool for digital marketing, digital communication and lead generation in the form of supplying email marketing, SMS marketing and a light weight marketing automation functionality.

All a reselller needs in order to sell the service, is a payment gateway account, a domain name that can be configured and a business entity (within the EU it must have a VAT registration too). MailerBee is built to enable strong relationships with companies and their customers.

The roadmap for new features is very promising so the service will evolve into a very potent marketing automation service. The automation features available right now are limited to what is traditionally called email marketing

Rebrandable, make it look as your service

As a reseller you can rebrand many things, even the look & feel of the customer login. Before the customers can login they need to accept the terms, of which your own terms can also be part as an addendum to the standard terms. There are so many ways for you to make our service look like it is yours. You can even increase our base prices.

When the customer has logged in, he/she is presented a dashboard with an overview of the number of campaigns that has been defined, the number of lists they have, how many subscribers are stored in these lists and the number of templates they have created. The customer can also click on these items to go directly to them.

The dashboard and the whole user interface is designed to be compact and supply an appealing and easy to use user interface of the many underlying components and features.

The customer also has access to another dashboard, the dashboard for lists. This dashboard presents, as an overview, the number of subscribers, segments, custom fields and the number of pages that are created and also gives an easy access to the form tools and list tools available to further make the service easy to handle.

The messages to the customer’s subscribers and/or leads can be created in two ways, either in the classic way where templates can be uploaded and reused or simply created from scratch. The templates created can also be responsive using the built-in editor for responsive templates.

The list tools enables the customer to import or export subscribers to/from their lists and also copy subscribers from one list to another. All blazingly fast.

Never before has it been so easy to create a campaign. Campaigns can be either regular campaigns for broadcast messages to all or part of a list (e.g. dependent on the defined segments), auto responder campaigns or A/B testing campaigns where the winner of e.g. two or many campaign templates are tested and monitored for best open rate, best click through rate or the least number of subscribers.
[Update: SMS campaigns are now part of the service too. The customer handles its own SMS credits]

Setting up these campaigns includes e.g selecting what list a campaign shall be sent to, perhaps making such a campaign to be laser targeted towards the segments that has been defined, e.g. only women, in a certain age who lives in a certain area. This makes the campaigns super efficient if done correctly.

A certain time before the subscription is due, the customer receives a message saying that it needs to renew the subscription. If the customer chooses not to renew it, their customer account will be automatically deleted after a while. If they do choose to renew their subscription, they are presented a list of the existing feature packages that the reseller has chosen to make available in their respective offering with the price that the reseller has set and the customer can thereafter select the number of messages they need to send per month, if they need to increase the number of messages that can be sent during the coming subscription, if they want to add new features etc.

Please note! The prices on this screenshot are just dummies. The real base prices are a lot lower.

As a reseller you get access to a pricing tool that you can use to either accept to sell the service at those low base prices or choose to increase them if you can do that on your market. Your margin is still the same since we always apply the same revenue share to us, but you have the chance to generate more revenue per subscription. The idea was to create a market to enable the service to be sold in any country but where resellers all over the world could adapt the prices to their reality. Our revenue share is a percentage and is always applied in the same way. We think it’s fair when we reduce your risks and provide most of the things you need to run a successful business.


When a customer pays for their subscription, they are sent to a selection of multiple payment gateways (currently Stripe resp MangoPay) where they pay directly to the reseller and the payment gateway then splits that payment in two parts, one part that goes to the reseller and another part that are forwarded to us, the real supplier of the MailerBee service, and then the payment gateway deducts the payment fee. What is left for the reseller is currently roughly 37%, an unbeatable margin for a service such as this.

The only things required from a reseller to supply the customer with, are the services that are the closest to the customer (not to break the white labeling), meaning, selling to the customer, supplying 1st line support to them, selling and delivering the resellers own consulting services, courses etc. For some of these services we even supply the reseller with the material for it. The reseller can just rebrand it and sell it as many times as they want.

The customer can list and read their previous orders, download PDFs of the reseller’s branded and customized invoices or create refund requests if they are not pleased with the service. If they do choose to create a refund request, the customer account will be automatically closed once the reseller approves the refund request.

If the refund request is approved, the customer gets their money back, the payment gateway returns their part and so does the reseller and of course we too.

We have an internal monitoring tool for eliminating fraud attempts.

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