Customer Base Prices

We have created a market with low customer base prices so that every reseller can act in a way what is best on their markets or for their customer. Sell the service at these prices, or raise them to whatever you can charge for them.

The calculus

The calculus is not in any way binding. It shall be seen as an inspiration document for how much money a reseller could potentially generate. Add to this also the partner’s revenue for different kinds of material that we release as part of our partner programme, e.g. course material, integration guides etc. The possibilities with the MailerBee service are huge. A partner can offer managed services per customer account, consulting services for integrating the rebranded service name with the customers’ e-commerce stores (this package is next to be released) etc.


Please note!

We protect our partners! We want the end-customers (businesses) to buy the service from a partner instead of from us, we don’t want that. Buying one subscription (like an end-customer would do) is bad business, but if you sell more than one subscription (like a genuine reseller would do) this is extremely good business. Check for yourself in the profitability calculation to the right.

The customer prices are set low to enable our partners to increase the prices if they want and can. We want to influence to create a wide market with many different prices.

The prices are what the customers pays for the respective package, unless their reseller chooses to raise the price. From these prices, the payment gateway fee (3%) is deducted and also the revenue share percentage (60%). Roughly 37% margin remains to the reseller. Try to find ANY other re-brandable turnkey business that offers you this margin. There is only one – MailerBee.

The packages are defined in a way so that they influence the use of segmentation, we probably provide more subscribers than any other suppliers for the corresponding amount of messages per month.

If the partner chooses to raise the prices, the revenue share percentage stays the same, but it will still be higher revenue.

Unused message quota a certain month can not be used another month.

Please note also that SMS credits are not included in the price. Each customer handles and buys their own SMS credits.

We plan to launch four new price packages within the forthcoming two years. These will cover new customer features. Our partners will get access to all packages, then they can choose to sell all or some of them. The principle is the same, they can choose to raise the prices if they want. The same revenue share is always applied.

Price Package
Number of messages per month
Subscription period
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