Reseller Services

MailerBee is a white labelled digital marketing solution, in its current version an email marketing solution and an SMS marketing solution but soon becoming a marketing automation solution. MailerBee is sold indirectly via resellers who wants to build strong bonds with their customers and doing it under their own brand.
We support our resellers in every way we can. For instance:

  • Our resellers are supplied with re-brandable sales presentations (available to those who have purchased it)
  • Our resellers are supplied with re-brandable course material (available to those who have purchased it)
  • Resellers who have purchased high priority support, we will start working on a solution to their support ticket within 30 minutes.
  • Our resellers are supplied with a pre-populated website for selling re-branded subscriptions. Of course it’s integrated with the e-commerce flow in the signup process of the services that we provide in the name of the resellers
  • Our resellers are supplied with all invoicing for the service, in our reseller’s name, towards their customers. Their contact info and logo will be on the invoice
  • The resellers does have the option to not use the automatic re-branded invoicing, but if so the price for each customers’ subscriptions will be visible on the customer pages in the service.
  • Our resellers are supplied, if they are a EU based business entity, with other supporting services that they need to be in line with EU VAT regulations

What a resellers need to do, besides running their business, are the things that are related to the contacts they have with their customers, that is, providing the customers with the reseller’s own consulting services, sell the digital service to them, help them integrate the service to their system etc. We even supply the resellers with material to generate even more revenue. When the resellers need our help, we are there to assist. The way we see it being a partner is the total relationship related to the services, the business support, the support etc. To be a reseller of the services requires that the reseller has a live partner subscription with us. Then we will provide the MailerBee service to the resellers’ customers in the name of the resellers, their brand and their contact details.

As a reseller you have access to a dashboard that shows you on an overall level how many customers you have active in your reseller account, the total number of campaigns, the total number of lists, the total number of subscribers and the total number of segments. Total here refers to the accumulated number of entities for all customers.

As reseller you not only can, but also must rebrand the service to another name than MailerBee. The MailerBee service is white labelled and will continue to be white labelled, this means that all reseller rebrands the service to their own brand and sells it as if was their own. This enabled the reseller to build strong relationships with their customers and also enables a consistent stream of revenue coming in on a continuous basis, assuming that the reseller takes care of its customers.

Resellers can rebrand the logo for the reseller login on the backend, the logo shown on the customer login page to the digital service, the favicons, the rebranded domain (we call this a custom domain), the background image on the customer login page among other things.

As a reseller you can choose which of the predefined price packages/groups that you want to sell to your customers. The MailerBee staff defines the price plan packages/groups with the set of features that are included in the package, the number of messages that can be sent etc and the base price for each of these price plans packages. The base price that the MailerBee sets is at a bare minimum so please feel free to raise it if you think that you can increase your revenue for the subscriptions.

As a reseller you can choose to increase the price of the digital service that are provided by MailerBee but with your own branding. You can not lower the price since we have costs to cover for supplying the service, but you can choose either to keep our minimum price (the base price) or raise it to a level that you find reasonable. The price you set will be subject for a split between the reseller and the supplier of MailerBee, we call this the revenue share. The selected payment gateway charges the reseller the payment gateway fees, depending on the payment gateway that the customer selects it’s between 3-4%. The revenue share is a percentage that is always the same and for all resellers. Raising the price towards your customers means more revenue to you money wise, and percentage wise we charge you the same revenue share whether you choose to decide to keep the base price or raise it.

We supply our service at a really low price and therefor we think it’s fair to apply the same revenue share if you have the chance to raise the price or not. Being a reseller with all these rebranding capabilities and getting access to so many business support services that will make the life so much easier for you as a partner and thereby reseller, is what it says – a partnership. It must work for both parties. Applying the same revenue share makes it fair. We have set the base prices to a bare minimum to enable many different prices among different partners.

If the reseller is located to a country that has another currency that US dollars and is used to handle their budgets and prognosis based on their own currency, we have made it simpler for you to have access to what you set the price plans to by supplying a feature that gives you up-to-date currency rates. You can still only charge your customers in US dollar, but you will know how much that corresponds to in your own currency.

The terms and conditions for the service is set by us and it is basically the same terms and agreements that you as a reseller has signed up to (there are differences due to differences in the customer/supplier relationships). Our terms and conditions are applied to all customers but it is you as a reseller that agrees together with your customers. Your business entity is responsible for the service that you supply to your customers. This means that if the customers of a reseller and the specific partner gets into some legal situation, this is to be solved between these two parties. If the partner and we come into some legal situation, this is something that we need to solve between us.

Since we have this setup and since there might be different laws in different countries, we have enabled reseller to add their own additional terms on top of

the standard terms, we call these addendums. The addendum can not replace the standard terms and conditions, it can only supplement them. Using the place holders that we supply, your company contact information etc is always up to date.

When a customer logs into the service they must agree to that they approved the terms and conditions (incl the reseller’s addendum) and some other legal documents.

The rebranding capabilities are very comprehensive and versatile. A reseller can even change parts of the look & feel of the service by changing the theme settings from our suggested settings to something that fits the reseller branding better. The reseller can also choose different predefined layouts.

The settings of the theme includes things such as colors and looks of the buttons in the system, the breadcrumbs, the paginations, layouts, alert messages etc.

Since the system will do all the invoicing on behalf of the reseller, the reseller can rebrand the invoices sent out to their customers to fit the reseller’s own branding and setup. This is also part of the rebranding capabilities. Set logo, color codes, invoice prefix, notes, email subject and email sender of the emails that are sent to the customers including the invoices.

In different parts of the world, contact information, addresses etc are presented in different ways. Of course we support this by supplying a way to customize your invoices to reflect the contact information in the region in where you operate.

The customers of a reseller has multiple payment gateways to choose from. Currently we support Stripe resp MangoPay. Once you have registered your business with any of these payment gateways, you can enable them in your reseller account so that your customers can pay you for the subscriptions they buy.

Once the customers have signed up to the service, you can see who they are, their contact information, what price plan they chose etc. If they need your help with support, you can even impersonate them as part of the support process.

As a reseller and business owner it is your goal to provide an excellent service in demand by the market. You want to generate revenue. You can see an overview of all the orders that are generated by your customers.

The reseller can, with the approval from their respective customers of course, impersonate the customer they can supply the 1st line support in a much more efficient way than just helping them through the help desk that we supply the reseller with on their respective sales & support sites (a downloadable and installable pre-populated and integrated web site that is provided as part of having a live partner subscription with us).

As a reseller you can see what campaigns your respective customers are sending. Please just remember that in the terms and conditions you have both agreed to the legal aspects of this. You are not allowed to make any unethically use of the information you get here, keep yourself on the right side of the law in your country too.

Since the price plans that a certain customer signs up to comes with limitations in e.g. the max number of subscribers, the reseller support team might need to see how many subscribers a certain customer has stored. This enabled the reseller’s 1st line support to be very efficient in finding and eliminating problems.

If a customer for some reason is not pleased with the service provided, they can ask for a refund request. You as a reseller needs to approve this refund request before it’s finalized and the money for the subscription is transferred back to the customer from the reseller’s account. When this happens the revenue share applied by the MailerBee team is also refunded to you as a reseller.

As if the above was not enough we have also built in a nice feature to be used by resellers doing business with other customers in other countries than their own, but within the EU. As such the businesses must send VAT reports to their respective tax authority. We have made that really simple for our resellers by supplying them with a feature that reminds of a report generator and that can be used for generating the tax reports to the sent to the tax authority in the country in where the reseller is located/registered. This vastly simplifies the life of being a reseller.

The above are just examples of what you can do as a reseller. There are plenty of other things you can do.

Being a reseller also means that you can download and install our pre-developed and pre-populated sales & support site that you can install on your own hosting, it’s even integrated to the signup process to your rebranded service via our specialized integration plugin that fetches the price packages that you as a partner has chosen to sell. This website enables you to be up and running doing business within a very short time frame. If you need to localize the website to another language than English, it will of course take longer time, but the tools are there for you to use and start your new business/business area within a few hours (of course dependent on how efficient you are). We have even recorded videos for you to describe most of the things you need to do.

It has probably never before been so easy to start a new business/business area. We have done most of the work for you. Now what you need to do is to signup and start your new business/business area. Welcome!