Partner Subscription

$197 / 3 months


Buying a Partner Subscription enables a business entity to become our reseller.

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Product Description

A partner subscription is the foundation for the business relationship between the company that owns MailerBee and the business entity that will resell the MailerBee service. The quarterly fee is a support fee and  is mandatory in order to be able to get access to the white labelled MailerBee services to resell it as if they are your own. The paid subscription gives you a non-exclusive, non-transferrable right to access Business Support for MailerBee and to resell the MailerBee services (in accordance with the terms & conditions). The quarterly fee also covers the 2nd and 3rd line support and the business support that we supply and you get access to e.g.:

  • a server panel where you control your reseller resources (custom domains)
  • second and third level support for you as a reseller
  • our support forums
  • the documents we provide here, e.g.
    • re-brandable sales & marketing material
    • re-brandable course material (will soon come)
    • library of how-to guides
  • a downloadable sales & support site (WordPress based)
    • already populated with relevant content
    • including our white labeled customer tutorial videos
    • pre-configured with a set of free WordPress plugins to make the site work
    • an integration with the price plans you choose to publish
    • an integration with the signup to your custom domain
    • once downloaded, it’s the reseller’s sole responsibility to keep it updated. No support is given.

If your company is active within the EU and does not have a valid EU VAT number we are unfortunately forced to deny your partner status. If you are outside of EU and do not have a taxation ID, we will not interfere with that. This is entirely between you and the tax authorities in the country in which your company is registered.

We are so certain that you will be pleased with your new business/business area based on MailerBee, that we are ready to give you a no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee during 60 days. Sign up, try to run your business and if you are not pleased with the result, then just tell us and we will refund you and close your reseller account.

The partner subscription is invoiced once per 3 months, and is set to $197 per quarter /three months). A renewal invoice will come when the three months is near expiration.

If you cancel your subscription, neither you nor your customers will be able to access the services that we provide for you.